Chef CV Writing Expert – How to Hire One

Chef CV Writing Expert

Editor’s note: Chef CV Writing Expert – How to Hire One was originally published in November 2015 and most recently updated in May 2022.

An impactful CV is essential to any successful chef job search.

It can often be hard to stand back from your own career history and assess what’s relevant and what needs to be highlighted. Hiring a chef CV writer skilled at editing out unnecessary or irrelevant CV details can ensure you present your skills and experience in an attention-grabbing way.

This level of objectivity is one of the major benefits in working with an experienced CV writer. But not all chef CV writers are equal. Like all investments there can be varying returns. So what signals the right type of chef CV writing expert to hire?

Chef CV writing expert – do they know how to beat the ATS

To ensure that your investment in a Chef CV writing service is worthwhile, your writer needs to understand how applicant tracking systems (ATS) work and how to beat them.

To speed up the job-application process, most companies now use ATS ‒ software designed to scan CVs and eliminate those it deems least qualified. Your key to passing through this automated gatekeeper is peppering your chef CV with the keywords, skills and industry-specific jargon it is searching for.

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So any writer you hire should be able to clearly explain to you how they will write and present your CV to beat the ATS in terms of its content and its formatting. If they can’t confidently do this, then do not hire them.

The primary goals of a CV are clearly communicating your suitability as a candidate for the chef job and landing that interview. If it won’t make it through an ATS due to poor content and obstructive design, it has failed in its purpose and your money has been wasted.

How good is their writing and interviewing ability?

The two most important things to look for when hiring a chef CV writing expert is writing skill and interviewing ability. This is extremely obvious but frequently overlooked in detail before hiring!

Good chef CV writers will schedule a phone interview with you to deep dive your skills, experience and qualifications as preliminary research ahead of rewriting your CV. The amount of time it takes to gather this info varies. But you should expect to be offered a 1-2 hour conversation with the writer. You should rule out using any firm that doesn’t confirm you’ll speak directly to the person writing your chef CV.

Years of chef cv writing experience

You don’t want a newbie. Look for someone who has been CV writing for no less than five years. Ensure they know your career path, industry, and job title. Work with someone who has expertise in writing a CV for your job level, chef job title and is knowledgeable about the industry.

Work samples they are happy to show you

Ask to see before and after samples of their work to include past clients in your industry. These samples should be showing clearly targeted CVs that are obviously different from each other, not a ‘one size fits all job titles’ concept of a revised and rewritten professional chef CV.

Chef social media profile expertise

The writer you hire should also be able to tell you where you might be making mistakes here. Even if revamping your LinkedIn profile would come at additional cost and is not part of a standard CV writing fee.

When you find your writer think carefully about investing that little bit more to include this work as it can be an excellent add-on to your new chef CV. Most recruiters conduct a social search of candidates as part of the hiring process.

Chef CV writing expert – ask for testimonials

The writer should have several endorsements from happy customers on their website. And check to see if they have endorsements for CV writing in the Skills section of their LinkedIn profile.

Can they do a 48-hour turnaround?

If you hire a competent professional you should expect to get your new chef CV back within 2 working days.

The chef CV review process

You should have the option to review the work and make changes, corrections and additions if you think they are needed before final sign off. Make sure the company you choose guarantees your satisfaction.

Look for a fair price

Chef CV writing comes in at all price points but likely you will get what you pay for. Never pay by the page – longer isn’t better.

Request a free initial consultation

Request a free chat with the writer. Tell them a brief summary of your chef career to date and ask them to talk through how they would tackle your chef CV. If their reply lacks clear thinking and specific detail then you’ll need to keep looking. You’ve not found the right person to hire to write your chef CV yet.

Be thorough in your search

Covid-19 has brought out wannabe CV writers in full force. Some lack hiring experience. Many know very little about the recruitment technology that is used by many hiring managers to save them time.

Chef CV writing expert, conclusion

Your chef CV is an important document. Hiring the right chef CV writer should transform the performance of your CV, but take the time to do your research first. It is a significant investment in yourself and your career. The effectiveness of the end product is critical. So shop carefully!

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