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Welcome to Only Chefs, London’s premier chef recruitment platform designed to connect discerning employers with professional culinary talent.

Whether you’re seeking to hire an experienced head chef for your top-flight restaurant or a personal chef to enhance your daily life, our dedication to excellence in service and expansive network of qualified chefs ensures the perfect match for every culinary need.

Culinary Excellence at Your Fingertips

London’s diverse and dynamic culinary scene demands the finest chefs, and Only Chefs is here to provide just that. We understand the importance of finding the right chef that not only possesses the skillset necessary for the role but also aligns with your personal taste and style.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

With Only Chefs, streamline your chef recruitment process through our advanced platform. Employers can quickly post job openings, filter through chef profiles based on specific culinary skills or experience levels, and initiate direct communication with potential hires, ensuring a faster and more effective hiring cycle.

Connect with Top Culinary Talent

Only Chefs bridges the gap between top culinary talent and prestigious kitchens. Our platform allows chefs to showcase their skills and experience, making it easier for employers to discover and engage with professionals who can elevate their culinary offerings and meet high standards of excellence.

How Much Do Chefs Earn in London, UK

The cost of hiring a chef in London can vary widely depending on the chef’s experience, the type of establishment, and the specific role they are being hired for.

Factors Influencing Chef Salaries in London

Typically, a head chef in a standard restaurant might command a salary ranging from £30,000 to £50,000 annually. More prestigious venues or those in high-demand locations could see figures that are significantly higher, often exceeding £70,000.

Additional Costs and Considerations

Beyond base salaries, hiring a chef in London involves additional financial considerations such as bonuses, benefits, and specialty pay for chefs with unique skills or strong reputations. Employers must also account for indirect costs like recruitment, training, and team integration, which contribute to the overall expense of bringing a new chef onto their culinary team. Hire your next chef from just £99 +VAT

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How OnlyChefs Can Help You to Find A Chef

Tailored Chef Recruitment for Every Need

Only Chefs streamlines the recruitment process by providing a platform that connects restaurants directly with culinary professionals. The service allows you to specify everything from the type of cuisine to the experience level required, ensuring a perfect match to your restaurant’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Support Throughout the Hiring Process

Our platform supports you through every step of the hiring process—from posting job ads and managing applications to facilitating initial communications. With access to a vast database of chefs and proactive social media outreach, Only Chefs enhances your chances of finding a chef who will integrate smoothly into your team and contribute to your success.


Get a quick response from our dedicated support team at: contact@onlychefs.co.uk.
Explore how our platform caters to a wide range of culinary positions, from entry-level commis chefs to experienced executive chefs, ensuring that we cover every level of the kitchen hierarchy.
Discover the unique features of Only Chefs, including our deep industry knowledge, tailored recruitment strategies, and our commitment to the specific demands of London’s gastronomic scene. We also seek to leverage our strong social media presence to reach as many chefs as possible, even those who may not have been previously considering a job move.
Creating a profile on Only Chefs can enhance your visibility to top dining venues in London, streamline the job search process, and offer direct contact with potential employers. No more dealing with unreliable recruiters.
Our chef recruitment packages start at just £99 + VAT for single job postings or 30 days access to the chef database. Have a more bespoke co-operation in mind? Get in touch at: contact@onlychefs.co.uk.