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18 Ready-to-use Commis Chef interview questions

While many employers continue to seek experienced chef de parties, kitchens are also actively recruiting for entry-level positions including commis chefs. In this competitive landscape, having a well-structured and efficient recruitment process is paramount. An integral part of this process is the face-to-face interview, where you’ll need to be equipped with questions that effectively assess a candidate’s suitability for your commis chef role.

To assist you, we’ve put together a list of 18 interview questions tailored specifically for your next commis chef interview. But before delving into these questions, let’s first recap the role of a commis chef in the kitchen.

A commis chef is an entry-level culinary position responsible for preparing ingredients, assisting in cooking, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, and supporting senior chefs. They play an important role in executing basic cooking techniques, adhering to food safety and hygiene standards, and ensuring the smooth flow of kitchen operations, all while receiving on-the-job training and gaining practical experience to progress in their culinary career.

18 ready-to-use Commis Chef interview questions:

  1. Can you describe your experience in a professional kitchen? What types of cuisine have you worked with?
  2. What inspired you to pursue a career as a chef?
  3. How do you stay organised and efficient in a fast-paced kitchen environment?
  4. Can you explain the importance of mise en place and how you ensure it’s maintained during service?
  5. What knife skills do you possess, and how comfortable are you using various kitchen tools?
  6. Describe a challenging situation in the kitchen and how you resolved it.
  7. How do you manage your time when preparing ingredients for multiple dishes simultaneously?
  8. Are you familiar with food safety and hygiene standards? How do you ensure compliance in the kitchen?
  9. What are your favorite ingredients to work with, and why?
  10. Can you provide an example of a dish you’ve prepared that showcases your culinary creativity?
  11. Describe your approach to seasoning and flavour balancing in your dishes.
  12. What’s your knowledge of different cooking methods, such as grilling, braising, and sautéing?
  13. How do you handle criticism and feedback in a professional kitchen setting?
  14. Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure.
  15. How do you stay up-to-date with culinary trends and new techniques?
  16. Describe your teamwork and communication skills in a kitchen environment.
  17. What role do you think a commis chef plays in the kitchen?
  18. How do you strive for continuous improvement in your culinary skills?

These pick and choose questions should help you assess a candidate’s qualifications, skills, and suitability for a commis chef role. Additionally, you can tailor the questions to your specific kitchen’s needs and expectations.

And finally…

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