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Whether you’re beginning your kitchen journey or looking to step into a leadership role, our job portal is the prime destination for exploring diverse chef opportunities in one of the world’s most dynamic culinary capitals.

Commis Chef Jobs – Starting Your Culinary Career

Embark on your professional kitchen journey with a range of entry-level Commis Chef positions. At Only Chefs, we connect you with leading kitchens in London that provide the mentorship and hands-on experience crucial for honing your skills. As a Commis Chef, you will be the backbone of the kitchen, supporting the Chef de Partie and learning the intricacies of each station.

Your Pathway to Culinary Excellence

Starting as a Commis Chef in London offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a diverse food scene, from classic British fare to cutting-edge gastronomy. Only Chefs ensures you find the right environment to ignite your passion and develop your culinary identity.

Mastering the Basics: The Role of a Commis Chef

In the high-paced environment of London’s top kitchens, the Commis Chef plays a vital role in maintaining the flow and efficiency of operations. This position allows aspiring chefs to gain invaluable hands-on experience, learning from seasoned professionals and mastering the foundational skills necessary for a successful culinary career.

Chef de Partie Jobs – Master Your Craft

As a Chef de Partie, you are ready to take ownership of a particular section of the kitchen. Only Chefs offers a variety of Chef de Partie jobs across London, inviting you to showcase your expertise, whether in sauces, pastries, or the grill. Work alongside experienced professionals and contribute your creativity to renowned menus.

A Platform for Specialization

Our Chef de Partie positions are tailored to chefs who have demonstrated proficiency in specific kitchen roles and are eager to put their mark on the culinary map. Only Chefs aligns your specific talents with workplaces that appreciate and nurture specialized skills.

Building Leadership Skills in the Kitchen

Taking on the role of a Chef de Partie not only allows you to hone your culinary skills but also to develop essential leadership abilities. In this position, you’ll be responsible for managing a section of the kitchen, coordinating with other chefs, and ensuring the highest standards of food quality and presentation.

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Latest Chef Jobs

Take The Next Step In Your Culinary Career

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Sous Chef Jobs – Step into Leadership

Cultivating the Next Wave of Culinary Leaders

Sous Chef roles sourced by Only Chefs are for those ready to embrace leadership, manage teams, and maintain high standards in fast-paced environments. Your influence will be felt both in the dishes that come to life under your watch and in the mentoring of junior chefs.

Balancing Creativity and Management

A Sous Chef position demands a unique blend of culinary creativity and managerial acumen. As a Sous Chef, you will be instrumental in menu development, ensuring each dish meets the restaurant’s high standards while also managing kitchen operations and staff.


Only Chefs uses a personalized approach, considering your experience, skill set, and career aspirations. Our deep understanding of London’s culinary scene enables us to match you with chef jobs that align with your professional journey.
Absolutely. We facilitate placements that offer real prospects for growth. From Commis Chef to Executive Chef roles, we provide a pathway for career advancement.
Yes, we cater to a variety of employment needs, including temporary, seasonal, and part-time roles across London’s vibrant food sector.
International chefs bring diversity to London’s food culture, and we’re here to support them with visa advice, job placement, and transitioning into the UK culinary industry.
Our specialization in the chef profession, coupled with our exclusive focus on bespoke matchmaking and our passion for the art of cooking, sets us apart. We’re committed to not just filling positions but advancing culinary careers.