Chef de Partie Job Description

Not all Chef de Partie job description templates are the same AND when it comes to chef recruitment that matters. Why? Because chefs at this level are in extremely hot demand right now – making it more important than ever for businesses to have a great Chef de Partie job description in place that accurately describes their CDP role, its duties, its responsibilities, its features and benefits.

Does yours hit the mark? If the answer is no, or you aren’t sure how effective your Chef de Partie job description is, we’re here to help! But first, lets do a quick recap.

  • Important things to remember when compiling your job description:
  • Engage potential applicants with an exciting company description.
  • Include the roles’ duties and responsibilities.
  • Reference anticipated past job experience.
  • Define what it takes to excel in the role.
  • Outline an honest take on company culture.
  • Outline the salary and benefits package (always list a salary).
  • Outline non-financial rewards like training, development, and career progression.

And here’s a job description template you can easily customise today:

Chef de Partie job description – Job Title

Welcome to (your business)! We are looking for a talented Chef de Partie to help our culinary team create memorable meals for our customers. You will be responsible for a specific section of the kitchen, preparing high-quality food that meets the head chef’s standards.

To be successful as a Chef de Partie, you should be someone who can keep a level head when working under pressure. The ideal candidate will be an excellent team player, willing to go the extra mile in pursuit of great food and exceptional service.

Job Description:

  • Here you’ll need to describe what a day in the role looks like.
  • What are the typical duties/expectations of someone in this CDP position?
  • What qualities are useful in delivering daily tasks?
  • What value will this role be providing to the team and your company?
  • How will the responsibilities of this role grow with new developments planned for your company?

Here are some CDP responsibilities you could include in this section:

  • Preparing specific food items and meal components at your station.
  • Following directions provided by the head chef.
  • Collaborating with the rest of the culinary team to ensure high-quality food and service.
  • Keeping your area of the kitchen safe and sanitary.
  • Stocktaking and ordering supplies for your station.
  • Improving your food preparation methods based on feedback.
  • Assisting in other areas of the kitchen when required.

Person specification

As our new Chef de Partie you will need:

  • Reference education requirements.
  • Reference certificates/other qualifications requirements.
  • Reference preferred or likely past work experience.
  • Reference other skills applicable in the job.
  • Reference personality traits important for success in the role.

Chef de Parties need a range of skills and qualifications to perform their duties effectively.

Here are some of the skills and qualifications that you could include in this section:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Qualification from a culinary school (keep or remove depending on preference).
  • Past experience working in a similar role.
  • Good knowledge of the standards of baking, cooking and grilling techniques.
  • Ability to quickly learn new recipes and new cooking procedures.
  • Knowledge of best practices for safety and sanitation.
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work efficiently and cooperatively in a team environment.
  • Organisational skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to solve problems quickly.
  • Passion for delivering great food and service.

Chef de Partie job description – Don’t forget the most important part!

Make sure you detail what’s in it for the candidate – what are the financial rewards (salary, tips, bonuses etc.), and non-financial rewards (like development and career progression, extra days holiday etc.). Also don’t forget to tell them about working hours and expectations and why your company is such a great place to work!

When you’ve finished putting your job description together, take five minutes to read it through and ensure it’s clear and provides enough accurate detail of what a person will be expected to deliver in their role as your next CDP. Check for typos, and ask another member of the team to give it a read through as well. Once done, you’re ready to go. Good luck.

And finally…

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